• With the lowest counselor-student ratio in the region,
    how can we help design your future?
  • With opportunities to lead and serve through clubs, campus ministry and student government,
    how will you make a difference?
  • With more than 15 courses in visual and performing arts,
    what will you create?
  • With a biomedical sciences program that includes internship opportunities,
    what will you discover?
  • With a robust selection of honors and AP courses,
    what will you master?
  • With 32 teams, 13 sports and state champion teams,
    how will you play?
Davies Symphony Hall SJND
In January, Ms. Cekola and 22 Advanced Concert Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble students took a field trip to the beautiful Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco. The day began with donuts and coffee in the lobby, followed by a 30 minute lecture and two hour... Read more