Destination 2027: Soaring to New Heights

Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School unveiled a new Strategic Plan, ”Destination 2027: Soaring to New Heights” that will provide a pathway to continued and expanded student success while improving operational efficiencies and optimized use of facilities.

Principal Julianne Guevara shared the plan with parents of current SJND students at an event in October 2022.

“Destination 2027: Soaring to New Heights” has seven goals:

  1. Reaffirm and celebrate the SJND Mission
  2. Ensure the organizational and operational foundation for a vibrant future for SJND
  3. Optimize the individual learning experience and overall student success
  4. Sustain the culture of Family and Belonging
  5. Enhance facilities usage, options, and design
  6. Expand awareness of the value and benefits of an SJND education
  7. Share the stories that inspire and expanded community of supporters 

“This plan will chart the course for our continued and expanded success,” Principal Guevara said at the parent event. “Our careful and thorough review of the best way to carry on the business of delivering Catholic education will be an invaluable resource for our SJND community.”


To develop the plan, SJND partnered with Catholic School Management (CSM), a full-service, comprehensive, consulting organization supporting the educational ministry of the Catholic Church with research, direct consultative guidance, training programs and publications. CSM met with approximately 135 SJND administrators, Board members, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and students for individual and small group discussions as well as focus groups.

Group leaders have been chosen to lead teams that will address accompanying objectives and strategies that will lead to achievement of each goal. “This is a collaborative approach to success,” Principal Guevara said. “Each team has a specific timeline to achieve its goal and we will have many check-ins along the way to ensure that we are on the pathway to meeting all of our goals.”