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Students at Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School engage in a challenging and comprehensive curriculum that effectively prepares them to continue their education at the university-level.

Based on the essential relationship between students and teachers, students learn by active participation in diverse fields of study. Grounded in the expert modeling and example provided by gifted and experienced educators, students do not study science and math so much as they are scientists and mathematicians; they do not study history and languages other than English so much as they actively pursue public discourse as they ready themselves to be world citizens; they do not study English, Art, and Theology so much as they express their beliefs, ideas, and opinions reflectively and creatively.  

Students at SJND have access to the latest technology incorporated into their classroom experience by trained teachers who make use of optimum methods for teaching and learning. Through direct experience and demonstration, students nourish their own reasoning and analytical thinking skills to communicate new ideas to their classmates, their teachers, and the world around them.

SJND Graduates Are

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