The purpose of the English Language Arts Department is to prepare students for the challenge and rigor of college and create lifelong critical thinkers. Students glean information from the world around them, effectively analyze it, and concisely articulate thoughts. 

The study of English Language Arts includes the analysis of literature and the English language. In lower division courses, students focus on language and literary elements.  In upper division courses, students apply the knowledge acquired in their lower division courses to make connections to more complex poetry and prose, thereby achieving higher orders of thinking. 

Through their years of study at Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School, students participate in a variety of classroom activities: formal lecture, Socratic seminar, reflective journaling, silent sustained reading, gallery walks, and peer editing and revising.  This variety ensures that all learning modalities are successfully reached and that students have multiple opportunities to learn and explore the various subjects of English Language Arts.

Four years (40 units) of English are required for graduation.  Unless otherwise noted, all English courses are UC-approved as college-preparatory core/elective courses. 

For more information about English offerings, please contact the English Department Chair, Mrs. Colette Gunn-Graffy.

Prisms - A Collection of Student Creations