Languages Other Than English

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The Language Other Than English (LOTE) Department prepares students with intercultural and language skills necessary to live in a global society. The ability to communicate effectively and understand other cultures becomes a student’s passport to global understanding and provides potential for future careers and enjoyment.

Engage in each of the language skills — listening, speaking, signing, reading and writing — through working with others in groups, writing and making formal presentations to an audience. Our teachers bring the world to the classroom through current events, art, history, and many of the world’s great works of literature. 

Two years (20 units) of one LOTE are required for graduation, though three years (30 units) are strongly recommended.  Unless otherwise noted, all LOTE courses are UC-approved as college-preparatory core/elective courses.

LOTE Faculty

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Rashel Wren

Titles: Teacher (Spanish)
Departments: Languages other than English