Physical Education

The purpose of the Physical Education Department is to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become physically active and health-conscious for a lifetime. Instruction in all physical education courses recognizes students’ individual development and movement abilities. 

The curriculum focuses on physical development and health-awareness, while also integrating the emotional, social, and intellectual components that develop the whole student. Through individual and group physical fitness activities, as well as class projects and presentations, students learn about cardiovascular fitness, nutrition, drug and alcohol awareness, stress management, and various ways to live an active lifestyle. 

The Physical Education Department ensures that students explore appropriate practices of competition and cooperation and incorporates opportunities for students to build self-esteem, discipline, confidence, and respect.

For more information about Physical Education offerings, please contact the PE Department Chair, Ralph Gonzales.


Health and Wellness Seminar

Introduction to Physical Education

Introduction to Weight Lifting

Advanced Physical Education: Lifetime Fitness

Advanced Physical Education: Lifetime Sports

Advanced Physical Education: Weight Training

Physical Education Faculty

Ralph Gonzales

Ralph Gonzales

Titles: Physical Education Teacher
Departments: Physical Education
Jazmine Jackson

Jazmine Jackson

Titles: Interim Athletic Director, Physical Education Teacher
Departments: Physical Education