Social Studies

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Social Studies Department Philosophy

The Social Studies department believes that the diversity of cultures, experiences, and viewpoints at SJND provide an amazing foundation for students to actively engage in their own learning with one another.

Through student participation in debate and discussion, project-based learning, primary source analysis, writing workshops, technology-enhanced student learning, and evaluation of current events, the Social Studies department combines this unique learning environment with engaging, meaningful, and rigorous teaching methodologies. The ultimate goal of the Social Studies department is to support students in developing different lenses through which to see the world and to recognize patterns of the past in order to affect positive change in society.

Three years (30 units) of Social Studies are required for graduation. Unless otherwise noted, all Social Studies courses are UC-approved as college-preparatory core/elective courses.


American Government

AP American Government


Ethnic Studies

Patterns of History

World History

AP World History