The Theology Department is rooted in the life and message of Jesus Christ, both welcoming all into the Body of Christ and striving throughout our curriculum to be faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

In our world and culture where assessment of values may at times be very obscure, we accept the challenges of the Gospel to promote and work for the dignity of every human person. Through collaborative group work, Socratic discussion, student presentation, service learning, servant leadership, development of essay writing, Scriptural exegesis, use of technology at the service of authentic academic development, and reflection, our instructional methods are ordered toward purposeful formation of the whole person. The course of studies we present guides students to integrate their lives as conscientious, moral individuals inspired by Christ.


Christian Morality

Christian Scriptures

Faith in Action

Foundations of Social Justice

Introduction to Religion: Exploring Faith, Culture and Justice

Religious Themes in Film and Literature

The Church and Its Tradition

World Religions