Sports Leadership Opportunities

In addition to participation on our sports teams, we provide opportunities for leadership and skills development through two student leadership organizations: Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT) and the Sports Management and Media Team.

SALT members help the Athletic Department by consulting on decisions, showing initiative by proposing and implementing projects to enhance the sports experience for the SJND community, and showing leadership through recruitment and support of SJND athletes. SALT will be comprised of elected committee members with each having gone through an interview, short essay on leadership, and two recommendations (one from a student and one from a teacher). SALT members will meet once a month in person.

The Sports Management and Media team will be a group with students in different roles of producing media to enhance the sports experience for the SJND community. This will include producing game/meet reports, promoting upcoming events, and live-stream broadcasting events. The Sports Management and Media team will meet weekly in person.

These two groups will fuel the next stage on our journey of SJND athletics success and personal development of our students and student-athletes. Students participating will help us bring enthusiasm to the community for our sports program and present great learning experiences.

For information on joining either of these groups, please contact Athletic Director John Bertken,