Counseling and Advising


SJND's Counseling Department is dedicated to your success. Our professional team of four counselors is committed to your personal, academic, and college success. SJND has a low counselor to student ratio of 170:1 (national average is 1:500) and a 60:1 ratio for our learning differences counselor. Counselors develop important relationships with you, your teachers and families and help you develop your values and carve your unique path to college. 

Academic and College Counseling

Working with our professional counselors, select academic course work and enrichment opportunities that encompass your interests and abilities and meet requirements for college admissions. You are encouraged to pursue Advanced Placement, Honors, and elective courses that fuel your interests and prepare you for the rigors of college.

Dr. Angelica Bailon is our counseling team’s dedicated college counselor. Professionally trained to support students in their college search, Dr. Bailon works with you throughout your four years at SJND. For more information, see College Counseling.

Personal Counseling

Adolescence is a time of growing independence, maturity and exploration of self. SJND counselors are fully trained to discuss issues and advise you on all matters related to your personal growth and development.

Learning Services

SJND provides educational support for students with documented learning differences. SJND’s Learning Services Counselor, Maryanne Stehr, is a specialist who provides direct educational support to you and your family as well as research-based teaching tools and strategies for our faculty and staff. This alliance between you, your parents, teachers, counselors, administrators and the Learning Services Counselor is an ongoing process of individualized, strategic guidance and support for your academic success.

If you have a learning difference, Mrs. Stehr will help you:

  • Get started in the Pilot Prep Program
  • Develop a learning plan with requisite accommodations to enhance and maximize your abilities
  • File for accommodations on College Board and ACT college entrance testing 

Pilot Prep Program 

Pilot Prep is an after school study group that is offered three days per week from 3-4:30 pm. This program is in place for students with identified learning needs and aims to provide students with additional educational skills and support so that they may reach their full potential within the SJND community. The students who participate in the Pilot Prep program have identified learning differences or other health issues that make it more challenging for them to organize, plan, track, and complete their homework assignments.

Learning Center

The Learning Center is an academic support program. The Learning Support Coordinator oversees the Learning Center and serves as an academic coach to students. Students work directly with the Learning Support Coordinator, teacher supervisors, and academic coaches to manage and complete their assignments, prepare for exams, and receive tutoring. The coach-to-student ratio is 1:6.