Biomedical Sciences

Our lauded biomedical sciences program packs 6.5 years of science into just four years of intensive college-preparatory study. Designed for students who want to pursue a career in the biomedical sciences, it opens the doors for a way of learning that is project based and empowering regardless of the student’s post-high school career path. This intensive program is a combination of SJND courses partnered with Project Lead the Way’s transformative learning experiences. 

Throughout their coursework, students get the opportunity to examine real world problems in a truly hands-on approach to learning. During their fourth year in the biomedical sciences program high school students are required to complete an internship or job shadowing in a company within the biomed, engineering, medical, or health sciences sectors. 

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student activities

Director of Student Activities and alum Fernando Barragan ‘12 creates an inclusive community at SJND.

Fernando Barragan '12 knows all too well what it's like to be an SJND student. It's that experience which serves him so well as director of student activities as he works closely with student government, oversees SJND student clubs and affinity groups, and collaboratively plans dances, spirit and cultural assemblies, and many day-to-day activities.

"I will always be grateful for all that SJND gave to me when I was a student," he says. "In coming back I hope to give back to our current students and hopefully provide support and guidance."

Señor Barragan, as he is called by students, says the students of today are very different from his time at SJND. "The world is so different than it was over 10 years ago." That change has brought with it events that have a much deeper social significance to students and their identities.

“I measure success through student engagement and their feelings after an event. My hope is that all students, after attending events, have a positive feeling about what they just experienced."

It also provides a new metric for measuring success. Señor Barragan says, "It's not just about how many students showed up, but how they found the messages and context of the events. I measure success through student engagement and their feelings after an event. My hope is that all students, after attending events, have a positive feeling about what they just experienced."

Walter Allen III

Río Hondo College Police Academy Director recognized for more than four decades in law enforcement.

Río Hondo College Police Academy Director Walter Allen III '69 is one of nine leaders selected to receive the inaugural Huff Strategies – ACT Against Hate Alliance Outstanding Leadership Award, recognizing his more than four decades in law enforcement to combat prejudice throughout his life and storied career in law enforcement and local government.

The first-ever Huff Strategies-AAHA Leadership Award was presented to Allen and eight others during an August 17 ceremony in Rowland Heights, California. Allen has fought against implicit bias throughout his personal life and career in law enforcement, which includes his tenure at the Río Hondo College Police Academy and across California’s criminal justice and correctional systems.

Allen is humbled by the award. "I was surprised to learn of this recognition, but am honored to be named a recipient of this important award," he said.

Allen has also served as a state-wide leader in law enforcement, with more than 46 years of experience in the field. He is the former California Youth Authority director and chief of the State Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Law Enforcement Office of Correctional Safety. He has participated on the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training and served as deputy commissioner for the Board of Parole Hearings.

In addition to his law enforcement background, Allen is currently fulfilling a fifth term on the Covina City Council, including his fifth stint as Mayor of the City of Covina. He has also sat on numerous boards and currently holds positions on the Ettie Lee Youth and Family Services board and the League of California Cities Public Safety Committee.

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The Spring 2023 edition of SJND’s literary-art magazine PRISMS featured student work including poetry, prose, visual art, and music.

PRISMS, SJND's literary-art magazine published by our students, was established in 1990 by English and Spanish teacher Elizabeth Norris. Student submissions of poetry, prose, visual art, and musical scores are turned in throughout the year and judged by PRISMS staff.

For our spring 2023 edition, students chose a theme of Steampunk, a subgenre of science fiction that incorporates retrofuturistic technology and aesthetics inspired by, but not limited to, 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Steampunk works are often set in an alternative history of the Victorian era or the American Wild West, where steam power remains in mainstream use, or in a fantasy world that similarly employs steam power.

We asked PRISMS co-editors Christian Chiu '24 and Tobin Deaker '24 to help us select representative works to share with you. 

Visit to see the entire spring 2023 edition of PRISMS. We thank all of our student artists for sharing their creative visions and hope that you enjoy these unique expressions as much as we did as we endeavored to shine a light on their impressive works.


Didier Gutierrez Barajas '26


Dillon McVeigh '24
Industrial Lines - Kyoto Station


Wai Lee Michael Ho '24
California Henge


Isabelly Duarte '23



Farewell Friend

Mother Earth’s 
Radiant summer sun 
Fades in the horizon 
The oak slowly withers 
Rusty jewels and 
Decaying crowns 
To the floor
Dreary green
Hair turns to ginger
Dew slips down
Her bark
And glistens now on
Hollow peepers
Only the sun shall revive
This barren oak

Ryan Huey '24


It all starts with a seed 
Shoved in the ground
The one choice to succeed 
Upward it will bound 
Straight to the sun
It reaches the sky
Second to none
Ready to fly high
Then comes a foot
Oblivious to the flower
On the plant it is put
To completely overpower
The flower is gone, lost to time
All the hard work, not worth the climb

Robert Stebbins '25

Me, The Dog

Here I stand, alone again
Everyone loses a friend
Everything, everything, everything's alright
Everything, everything, everything's not fine 
I just wanna be a part of this

I'm a fool
I'm a dog
I'll do whatever it is that you want
I'm your slave
You're my everything
I'll do anything 
that you say

Here I stand, alone again
Everyone loses a friend
Everything everything, everything's alright
Everything everything, everything's not fine 
I just wanna be a part of this

I'm a fool
I'm a dog
I'll do whatever it is that you want
I'm your slave
You're my everything
I'll do anything
that you say

Just please don't leave me all alone
I can't do anything
on my own
I'm all alone
I'm on my own
I'm on my own

Just say the word and my soul shall be healed
My only wish is that this could be real
one last night
one more day
I pray that you 
could stay

Antonio "AJ" Arevalo '23

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Artwork pictured above:

Clara Johnson-Sandoval '24

The demand for jobs in the biomedical sectors is projected to increase in the next decade. An educational focus in the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) realm helps insure a strong foundation for our students’ futures regardless of the careers they end up pursuing. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Scientific Management Review Board, “NIH pre-college STEM activities need a rejuvenated, integrated focus on biomedical workforce preparedness, with special considerations for underrepresented minorities.” 

Where do graduates of the biomedical sciences program end up? Simply put, wherever they want! This intensive program opens the doors for the university or career of their choice. 

What even is biomedical science? We break that down and go into what you'll learn in a biomedical high school class!

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“I loved biomed; I loved the learning structure of it and the independence and being in the cohort was a blast.”          -Emily Stehr SJND ‘17 & Dartmouth College ‘21 valedictorian

"The biomedical program was presented as a very hands-on learning experience. I love that!" - Rachel Hungerford SJND '17 & UC San Diego '21 double major 

"This [biomed program] is a fun way to really explore whether or not you like science and whether or not a certain subject really interests you and you're able to explore that on your own."
- Rebecca Rochlin SJND '17 & UC Berkeley '21 molecular and cell biology major