Faculty and Staff | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School

Faculty and Staff

Anna Adams
Teaches: Faith in Action, Religious Themes in Film and Lit.; Service Learning Coordinator
Carlos Arriaga
Athletic Director
Teaches: AP Statistics, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus
Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
Teaches: Spanish 1
Coordinator of Library and Information Services; Teaches: AP Seminar
Kristina Braithwaite
Teaches: AP Environmental Science, Bay Area Marine Ecology, Biology
John Buzzard
Teaches: AP World History, U.S. History
Myra Capulong
Campus Minister
Teaches: Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Percussion Ensemble, Ensemble Workshop
Chris Crisolo
Interim Assistant Principal of Student Life and Dean of Students
Athletic Coordinator
Teaches: AP Physics, AP Chemistry, Physics, Forensic Science
Teaches: AP Literature and Composition, English 9: Coming of Age Studies, English 10: Cultural Perspectives and Identities
Teaches: Chemistry
Teaches: Art 1, Digital Illustration & Design, Drawing, Photography
Director of Admissions
Teaches: World Mythology, Honors Cultural Identity, Cultural Identity, Literature as Social Commentary
Director of Counseling
Josh Hammer
Teaches: Christian Morality, Hebrew Scriptures, Religious Themes in Film & Literature, World Religions
Abbie Harlow
Main Office Assistant
Teaches: Christian Scriptures, Philosophy
Teaches: AP Computer Science A; Engineering Principles: Research, Design and Build; Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
Teaches: Honors Pre-Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Math Analysis, Probability and Statistics
Teaches: Mandarin 1, Mandarin 2, Mandarin 3, Mandarin 4
Teaches: Advanced PE: Weight Training, Introduction to Physical Education, Introduction to Weight Training, Lifetime Sports
Associate Admissions Director
Teaches: Spanish 1, Spanish 2 and Spanish 3
Dessiree Lozano
Business Office
Admissions Administrative Assistant
Development Associate
Mollie McFarland
Assistant Principal of Institutional Advancement
Director of Technology and Integration
Facilities Coordinator
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Assistant Principal of Academics
Teaches: Bay Area Marine Ecology, Human Body Systems, Principles of the Biomedical Sciences
Nick Ratto
Learning Support Coordinator/Counseling Administrative Assistant
Teaches: AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus
Teaches: Introductory Art, Painting, Pre-AP Studio Art, AP Studio Art
Registrar/Administrative Assistant
Teaches: Algebra 1; Testing Coordinator
Teaches: AP English Language, English 11: The American Dream in Literature, Honors English 9: Coming of Age Studies
Teaches: Honors Play Production, Musical Theater 1, Musical Theater 2, Musical Theater 3
Teaches: AP U.S. History, World History
Personal/Academic Counselor
Michael Sandberg
Teaches: American Government, AP American Government, Psychology
Sherry Scott
Teaches: The Church and Its Traditions, Understanding Catholic Christianity
Learning Services Counselor
Jennifer Dlugosh
Director of Student Activities; Teaches: Leadership Workshop
Michael Sunderland
Teaches: Critically Reading Graphic Novels, English 9: Coming of Age Studies, English 12: Literature as Social Commentary
Teaches: AP Biology, Biomedical Innovation, Medical Interventions
Business Office
Teaches: AP Spanish Language, Honors Spanish 2, Honors Spanish 3
Teaches: ASL 4, Choir, Ethnic Studies, Introduction to ASL and Deaf Culture, Music Appreciation
Director of Finance
Samantha Witherspoon
Event Coordinator & Administrative Assistant
Nicole Wong
International Student Coordinator; Teaches: English 11: The American Dream in Literature, World History
College Counselor
Anne Yoon
Teaches: Biology, Honors Chemistry