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Athletic Hall of Fame

2020 Induction Ceremony

Saturday, April 25, 6:00-10:00 p.m.

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Please join us in celebrating the newest Inductees at an Induction Ceremony on Saturday, April 25, 2020 in the Kelly Gymnasium.

Check back soon for ticket information.

Congratulations to the 2020 Induction Class

The 1965 Men's Basketball Team

Chris Aria '08


Dan Curry
Former Athletic Director and Supporter

Phoebe Grunt '13

Alex Harris '04

Joe Nelson '93

Jennifer Radecke-Noble '02

Ken Rodrigues

Athletic Hall of Fame

The Saint Joseph Notre Dame Athletic Hall of Fame promotes and supports the rich tradition of athletics at SJND by selecting and honoring people who have made significant athletic contributions to the SJND community.

In addition to players, coaches and athletic teams, eligible nominees may also include athletic department staff members and or supporters of the SJND Athletic Department.

A team of individuals, who represent all constituencies of SJND will serve as members of the voting committee that will determine the inductees for each class.

Past Inductees

These inductees exemplify the scholastic athletic tradition of SJND.

1994: Hall of Fame Debut

Bill Ahern ’41
1941 Varsity Basketball Team (Bill Ahern, Ignatius Arceo, Bob Fairwell, Ed Fennelly, William Gottinger, Augie Gouig, Jim Loftus, Bill McInerney, Daniel O’Connell, Martin O’Connell, Joe Ovalle, Paul Petersen, Julien Rice, and John Walpole)
Brother Charles Weiss, S.M.
Roberta Hoffman Carlson ’43 
Barry Reed ’44
Marvin Vitatoe ’69
Mike Phelps ’63
Debra Costello Zabriskie ’75
Calvin Byrd ’89
Mel Caughell


Bea Rowney ’32
Ed Fennelly ’42
1944 Varsity Track Team (Bob Raab, Jerry Veasy, Jerry Minot, Tom Mollard, Ken Scullin, Lou Grimard, Paul Giudice, Herman Furino, Paul Deible, Greg Ahern, Bill Steir, Miles Braten, Rod Stewart, Jack Moore, Barry Reed, Rich Erving, Dick Fahey, Bob Moyahan, Bob Weber, Fran Falls, Rich Petersen, Jack Chauvin)
David Lillevand ’55
Mike “The Huts” Hutslar ’65
Harold “Hal” Gray ’68
Gail Sousa Rodrigues ’70
Andre Hill ’72
Rich Campbell


Jim Ring ’40
John Sousa ’47
1969 Boy’s Varsity Basketball Team (Michael Freccero, David Adams, Paul Phelps, Robert Agnew, Martin Vitatoe, John Repetto, Brad Crow, Edward Scurry, Kenneth Gilliland, Richard Lane and Coach John Higgins)
Jill Keene ’78
Jason Kidd ’92
Helen and George Chaix
Fran Smith
Frank LaPorte


Dick and Sandy Anderson
Adrian Ealy ’92
Shawn Jenkins ’84
Jeong Min Park ’93
Jerry Vitatoe ’67
1942 Varsity Basketball Team (Warner Berg, Augie Gouig, Harvey Coddle, Ed Regan, Jim Loftus, Robert Buddle, Phil Reynolds, Joe Ovalle, Ed Fennelly, Tom Fennelly, Wilfred (Marion) Alfonso, Louis Agnew, Ignatius Areo, George McGiffin)
1967 Cross Country Team (Mike Siordia, Don Rodrigues, Mike Slater, Brad Rankin, Larry Kempel, Kevin Anderson, Dennis Walsh, Bill Agnew)
1968 Boys Soccer Team (R C.Arroyo, Stephen Andrott, Sergio Arroyo, Juan Ramirez, Patrick McAtee, T. Tyler, J. Sanchez, A. Hauwert, J. Honeywell, Robert Ratto, Stephen Sieck, M. Pedemont, Thomas Eggers, R. Wayne, D. O’Connell, T. Ramos, J. McNeill, M. Taylor, S. Thomson, M. O’Connell, Edward Thomas, S. Kelcher, Bill Agnew, Edgar Suter, Marco Dondero, John Hauwert, Michael Siordia)


Anthony Aiello
Ray Freitas
Kate Gordon '99
Jon Gordon '96
Pete Lillevand '57
Crystal Rizzuto Rodrigues '01
Gene Valenzuela
1990-1991 Men's Basketball Team