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Parent Pledge Program

Fund for SJND Parent Pledge Program

Parents are asked to pledge approximately $1,500 per child per year to our Fund for SJND. These tax-deductible gifts bridge the gap between the actual cost of an SJND education and the tuition charged. Families who receive financial aid are asked to give what they can afford. Families who are able to are encouraged to join our Pilots Club ($2,500), Sustaining Members ($5,000), or Founding Members ($10,000) giving societies.

We understand an SJND education is a significant investment in your child’s education. We do ask every family to make a gift of support to the Fund for SJND. 100 percent parent participation in the fund demonstrates a parent community that is committed to the school and student success.

Tuition and fees cover just 80 percent of the cost of educating each student. SJND relies on the generosity of parents, alumni and friends to fill the financial gap and ensure the best experience possible for every student. Your contribution provides resources that help your own student to excel at SJND. It maintains the quality of the SJND curriculum, funds extracurricular offerings, counseling resources, and faculty salaries so we can attract and retain the best faculty. For contributing, your family’s name will be listed in our Annual Report under the list of parent donors as well as by giving category.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Parent Pledge Program

Q: Do I need to participate if I receive financial aid?

A: Families who qualify or receive serious consideration for financial aid will be asked to participate at a level in-line with their particular financial situation.

Q: Can my friends and family pay my pledge on our behalf?

A: Yes. Please contact Vicki Bargagliotti at (510) 995-9455 or to make arrangements.

Q: What if I have more than one child at SJND?

A: We ask that parents consider a pledge for each child for the time they are enrolled at SJND.

Q: I volunteer my time at the school, can my donation of time count towards the donation of my pledge?

A: We appreciate all you do for the school, our success as an Institution relies on parents making a monetary contribution in addition to volunteering their time and talents.

Q: Why not just raise tuition so you don't have to fundraise?

A: Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School is a faith-filled, diverse, and welcoming Catholic community. By keeping tuition as low as possible, more families are able to afford an SJND education. Everything that makes SJND so special is the result of generous donors like you.

If you have additional questions about the Parent Pledge Program for the Fund for SJND, please contact Vicki Bargagliotti at (510)