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Aaron Ramos ’16 Crowned SJND Poet Laureate

Aaron Ramos SJND

Aaron Ramos ’16 was crowned SJND Poet Laureate 2015-2016 at the Alameda Museum. SJND Modern Language Department Chair Betsy Norris describes Aaron as “an artisan of the word, a craftsman of imagery that brings his poetry to life.” Aaron shares his poetry journey below:

I began writing poetry when I began high school.  Being a time known infamously for its emotional hardship, writing poetry became an escape for me, or a way to quell the noise of my emotions, restricting them to the boundaries of words that I created. All the emotions, positive or negative, squeezed from me by social dilemmas or otherwise pleasant experiences could instead be used as the foundation of ideas for a poem – an experience – that was yet to be written.

Since I discovered the beauty of poetry, I have been able to come to appreciate my more questioning outlook on life, recognizing beauty in the question itself. Through poetry, I have been able to recognize that there is undeniable beauty in uncertainty, and I value and appreciate the power of poetry to translate emotion through the simplicity of words.

Aaron is SJND’s sixth Poet Laureate, and he will be invited to read at poetry events in the community.  SJND has been very well supported by the Alameda Island Poets and Julia Park Tracey, Poet Laureate of Alameda. Aaron recognizes how SJND has supported his writing journey: "SJND's open and accepting community has allowed me to really get to know myself as a writer, therefore improving my writing ability not only in the grammatical sense, but also when it comes to writing about any idea in a way that makes it unique, appealing, and meaningful."