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Celebrating our 2017-2018 Athletes

Some of the 2018 Athletic Awards recipients.

Thank you to all who came out for our 2017-2018 End of Year Athletics Banquet on May 17, including guest speaker and SJND Athletic Hall of Fame member Jon Gordon '96. The evening recognized our SJND sports teams and individual athletes, starting off with the unveiling of the recipients of the Ray Ratto Sr. Sports Booster Scholarship, which was created after Mr. Ratto's passing in 2011 to honor the longtime St. Joseph's parishioner and supporter of the SJND community and athletic program.

Congratulations to all of our Athletic Awards recipients! Go Pilots!

Ray Ratto Sr. Sports Booster Scholarship
Cameron Gill
James Republicano 
Beatrice Levy 
Mia Karlsrud

Most Improved
Chris Ramirez, Men's JV Cross Country
Gabe Trevino, Men's Varsity Cross Country
Beatrice Levy, Women's Varsity Cross Country
Caiman MacKay, Men's JV Soccer
Ramit Guha, Men's Varsity Soccer
Rachel Bartley, Women's JV Volleyball
Chloe Grant, Women's Varsity Volleyball
Julianne McKenna, Women's Varsity Tennis
Julia Manzo, Women's Varsity Golf
Ben Villaneuva, Men's Frosh Basketball
Nathaniel Natividad, Men's JV Basketball
Kobe Kiener, Men's Varsity Basketball
Lauren Reyno, Women's JV Basketball
Sophie Nilsson, Women's Varsity Basketball
Payton Dean, Women's Varsity Soccer
Jessica Antonio, Cheerleading
Craig Jones, Men's JV Baseball
Ryan Jawad, Men's Varsity Baseball
Davis Stewart, Men's Varsity Baseball
Chantel Zavala-Sheridan, Women's Varsity Softball
Kamaya Browning, Varsity Swimming
Antonio Roblero, Men's Varsity Tennis
Antoine Lavoie, Men's Varsity Golf
Damariye Daniels, Men's Varsity Volleyball
Gabe Trevino, Men's Track and Field
AiLi Pigott, Women's Track and Field

Most Inspirational
Ben Wiley, Men's JV Cross Country
Matthew Geller, Men's Varsity Cross Country
Claire Nocon, Women's Varsity Cross Country
Carlos Morocho, Men's JV Soccer
Michael Narensky, Men's JV Soccer
Arjun Kapur, Men's Varsity Soccer
Sara Wheeler, Women's JV Volletball
Cassie Vonnegut, Women's Varsity Volleyball
Isabel DeGuzman, Women's Varsity Tennis
Natalie Langford, Women's Varsity Golf
Aaron Garcia, Men's Frosh Basketball
Michael Proffitt, Men's JV Basketball
Josh Henry, Men's Varsity Basketball (George Chaix Award)
Waverley Achacoso, Women's JV Basketball
Maila Lepolo, Women's Varsity Basketball
Keri Wagner, Women's Varsity Soccer
Kyleigh Carr, Cheerleading
Ananda Hutcherson, Cheerleading
Ben "Bubba" Seelenbacher, Men's JV Baseball
Aaron Garcia, Men's Varsity Baseball
Samantha Shaffer, Women's Varsity Softball
Madeline Hoeffel, Varsity Swimming
Harrison Sims, Men's Varsity Tennis
Joe DuBose, Men's Varsity Golf
Liam Johnson-Sandoval, Men's Varsity Volleyball
Matthew Geller, Men's Track and Field
Marcus Abendanio, Men's Track and Field
Angela Weber, Women's Track and Field

Most Valuable Pilot
Zach Ramos, Men's JV Cross Country
Zavier Annis, Men's Varsity Cross Country
Emily Perez, Women's Varsity Cross Country
Anthony Davila, Men's JV Soccer
Adiran Gutierrez, Men's Varsity Soccer
Alexander Gutierrez, Men's Varsity Soccer
Amelie Ritter, Women's JV Volleyball
Mia Karlsrud, Women's Varsity Volleyball
Rebecca Bartley , Women's Varsity Tennis
Alexandra Hauck, Women's Varsity Golf
Dylan Manabat, Men's Frosh Basketball
Jayelen Jones, Men's JV Basketball
Cameron Ba, Men's Varsity Basketball (Frank LaPorte Award)
Ayako Kiener, Women's JV Basketball
Zhane Duckett, Women's Varsity Basketball
Malia Mastora, Women's Varsity Basketball
Jordan Fernandez, Cheerleading
Jackson McDermott, Men's JV Baseball
David Republicano, Men's Varsity Baseball
Caroline Evans, Women's Varsity Softball (Most Outstanding Award)
Adrian Aguilar, Varsity Swimming
Joseph Picchi, Men's Varsity Tennis
Jason De Ocampo, Men's Varsity Golf
Leo Pimentel, Men's Varsity Volleyball
Zavier Annis, Men's Track and Field
Emily Perez, Women's Track and Field

Best Offensive/Defensive Player
Kayla Nunn, Women's Varsity Basketball (Defensive)
Angelina Ferreira, Women's Varsity Soccer (Defensive)
Nicole Prislin, Women's Varsity Soccer (Offensive)

Coach's Award
Sanjana Ravi, Women's Varsity Basketball (Gail Rodrigues Award)
Chloe Campion, Women's Varsity Soccer
Sarah Mahler, Women's Varsity Softball
Nikko Mendez, Men's Varsity Volleyball 
Chris Rodriguez, Men's Varsity Volleyball
Noah Whitley, Men's Track and Field