Civil Rights History Explored on Spring Trip | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


Civil Rights History Explored on Spring Trip

Sojourn to the Past

The Social Studies Department is planning a trip to the American South over spring break to experience first hand the lessons of the Civil Rights movement, and all juniors and seniors are invited. 

Sojourn to the Past is a 10-day journey of study along the path of the Civil Rights movement in the American South, bringing history to life as students visit the sites of the Civil Rights movement, interact with the leaders who have devoted their lives to the struggle for social justice, and actually feel the lessons in a visceral way that cannot be captured in any textbook.

The Sojourn journey starts in Atlanta and takes students through Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, visiting significant sites along the way. This is the second Civil Rights trip by SJND students; the last was in 2011.

Students are eligible to earn three units of college credit. The approximate cost of the trip is $2,800, all-inclusive, and the group will do fundraising to bring down the total cost. Contact Mr. Bristol if you would like more information about the trip