Emily Bonnes '07 Wins Powerbox Art Competition | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


Emily Bonnes '07 Wins Powerbox Art Competition

Emily Lewis '07 Bonnes had her work selected for Alameda's Powerbox Art. Powerbox Art is a partnership between Alameda Municipal Power, Park Street Business Association and Rhythmix Cultural Works. Through the partnership, artists submitted their green-themed works for consideration to be displayed on powerboxes around the city, beautifying our community. Among all entries, ten were chosen, including Emily's, which you can see on display on the powerbox at Central Avenue and Park Street.

Emily's piece is titled "I Want To Ride my Bicycle." She described her inspiration: "I grew up in Alameda and went away for college in Oregon. After biking to school every day in the driving rain, I feel fortunate to live on this island city so flat, warm and perfect for cycling. This piece is a loving portrait of my husband's and my matching vintage bikes."

Emily is also a featured artist in the Autobody Fine Art Gallery at 1517 Park Street in the "Impulse and Industry" exhibition. The opening reception for the exhibition is Saturday, October 4, 2014 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.