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Info on Next Year’s AP and Honors Courses

AP Exam

Beginning in mid-January, all teachers will begin informing their students about AP and Honors courses within their departments that might be available to students for the next school year, including information about the requirements necessary to be considered for each course. 

During Collaboration on January 27, all students who wish to be considered for an AP or Honors course next year must attend the AP/Honors Placement Assembly in Notre Dame Hall.  At this meeting, each student will be provided with a parent notification that must be returned to the Main Office signed by a parent or guardian.

To be considered for placement in an AP or Honors course, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum grade requirements set forth by the department (listed in the Course Catalog)
  • Positive recommendations from teachers in other departments (not applicable for all courses)
  • High-quality results on the subject-specific placement exams.

Placement exams will be administered during Collaboration on the following dates.  Locations for these exams will be noted in the daily bulletin.

  • January 29 – English Department
  • January 31 – Social Studies Department
  • February 4 – Science Department
  • February 6 – Spanish Language
  • February 11 – Math Department

Students who wish to take AP Studio Art must make an individual appointment to meet with Mr. Ritter no later than February 14 to have their work reviewed for admission.

Final placements for all AP and Honors-level courses will be made before course registration begins in the spring.  Questions about AP and Honors placements should be directed to Dr. White at or to the individual department chairs.