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New Courses Coming to SJND


At SJND, students have the opportunity to take relevant and inspiring courses and co-curricular programs in preparation for college and future careers. We are excited to introduce three new courses, a Speech and Debate Team, and improvements to service learning projects for the 2014-15 school year.

The Modern Language Department will offer Mandarin Chinese, a language that is becoming increasingly important in the United States and internationally. Mandarin I will be offered in 2014-15 and the program will be expanded on an annual basis to four levels. Mandarin is a growing language option for students in the United States and is very distinct from the other modern language offerings at SJND.

SJND will also introduce two semester-long computer science classes: Introductory Coding and Advanced Coding: Application and Design. These classes will provide students with basic software and application design skills through hands-on experience and project-based learning.

In addition to these new courses, SJND will offer a Speech and Debate Team and focus on improving service learning projects. The Speech and Debate team will give students a venue to develop their reasoning and public speaking skills, and compete at state and national levels. 

SJND will expand and strengthen service learning projects by hiring a part-time Service Learning Coordinator to assist teachers with planning, executing, and evaluating service learning projects.