New Preparations Make Campus Safety a Priority | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


New Preparations Make Campus Safety a Priority


SJND has added nearly 20 new programs in the past three years that ensure students are safe on campus during either a natural disaster, like an earthquake, or a school lockdown anywhere in Alameda, and the school has trained all faculty and staff to treat students in a medical emergency.

“Over the last three years, SJND has implemented a number of new procedures to ensure student safety on campus in the event of an emergency,” said Dr. Doug Evans, dean of students. In addition, he said, the school has completed all trainings and inspections that are required under state and federal law.

The preparations at SJND come at a time when parents across the country are seeking security upgrades at their children’s schools. Here are some of the new programs:


  • Updated all emergency procedures for faculty and staff, with at least four trainings per year.
  • Implemented a new emergency all-call system that functions in all classrooms, offices, Kelly Gym, the Quad and Notre Dame Hall, as well as selected offices in the parish and St. Joseph Elementary School.
  • Re-keyed all buildings, so that emergency personnel can easily and quickly access all buildings and rooms using two keys.
  • Implemented new procedures with the school’s alarm monitoring company so that key administrators receive text messages when an alarm is triggered.


  • Installed two AEDs (defibrillators) on campus, one in the main office and one in the gym.
  • Trained all faculty and staff in first aid, CPR and AED training.
  • Certified one faculty member as a Red Cross Instructor to train employees on campus.
  • Updated school online procedures for recording medical data.
  • Created a policy, in collaboration with the diocese, to allow students to carry epi-pens and inhalers with a doctor’s permission.  
  • Scheduled weekly meetings between the Dean of Students and the Counseling Department to discuss student needs.


  • Replaced all fire alarm systems in Marianist Hall. Replaced the aging fire alarm panel in San Jose Hall.
  • Installed a feature in the Marianist alarm system that sends a text message to administrators when the alarm sounds.
  • Conducted fire extinguisher trainings with all faculty and staff.
  • Installed “Knox boxes” on all buildings, allowing Alameda Fire to have easy access to all buildings.

Earthquake/Natural Disaster

  • Conducted inventory of all emergency supplies. Purchased $700 worth of additional emergency rations.
  • Purchased storage containers for emergency water supply. SJND keeps on hand a clean 72-hour water supply for all students, faculty and staff.
  • Remodeled Marianist to address structural integrity issues.


  • Worked with Alameda Police Department to conduct ongoing trainings.
  • In conjunction with Alameda Police Department, SJND is implementing “Share with 911.” This is an online service that will inform school administrators in live time of lockdowns at other Alameda schools and will be used in the case of an emergency to communicate with the police. It is managed by the Alameda police dispatch office.