New Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Colette Gunn-Graffy | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School

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New Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Colette Gunn-Graffy

SJND Welcomes Ms. Gunn-Graffy to our English Language Arts Department.

Ms. Gunn-Graffy completed her undergraduate work at Yale University, before earning her M.A. from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. Her studies have focused on English Literature, Theater and the Dramatic Arts, and Creative Writing. Prior to joining the team at SJND in the fall, Ms. Gunn-Graffy taught at the Convent of the Sacred Heart High School in San Francisco, and assistant-taught at a secondary school in London called The Pendragon School.

At SJND, Ms. Gunn-Graffy teaches Coming of Age Studies, Cultural Perspectives and Identity, Honors Cultural Perspectives and Identity, and Senior Literature Seminar. She hopes to inspire students to think for themselves- that thinking is the first step in writing and communicating in ways that are authentic and persuasive. She also believes that students have much to learn from each other; that listening to and considering other people's ideas helps us to develop, deepen, and re-evaluate our own. She loves the close feeling of community at SJND, and the many opportunities for the older students to lead and mentor the younger students through retreats and club activities.

On the weekends, Ms. Gunn-Graffy can be found going for a walk or run on the beach, or practicing yoga. Her advice to students is: "Don't mistake challenge for defeat. Just because something doesn't come easily straight away, doesn't mean it's not worth pursuing. Often these are the opportunities to prove to yourself just what you are capable of - whether it's trying out for a team or expressing yourself in an essay."