New Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Debbie Yoon | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


New Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Debbie Yoon

SJND welcomes Ms. Debbie Yoon to our English Language Arts Department.

Ms. Yoon teaches The American Dream in Literature and World Mythology with Senior Literature Seminar, and is the senior class moderator. Before coming to SJND, she taught at a K-8 school in Menlo Park called Synapse School and before that was at Thayer Academy Middle School in Braintree, MA.

For Ms. Yoon, the life of an English classroom is all about communication. Whether her class is studying film, novels, poetry, graphic novels or visual art, the “so, what?” question is what she loves to see students thinking about. She believes the more students stretch and look beyond the literal, think through a critical lens, and question their realities, the more skills they will develop in their future work in the world.

As a teacher who has a design background, she is also committed to organically integrating technologies, old and new, into the classroom experience. She aspires to create a classroom that welcomes multiple perspectives and literacies, critical dissent, and open questioning - a safe space for diverse thoughts and cultures. She says about SJND, “the community and diversity are gems here. It's hard to find this mix anywhere else.” 

Ms. Yoon’s advice for students is “try your best and never be afraid to take risks with your learning. Embrace imagination and storytelling!” She is the advisor to the Fandomania club and loves that this club is on campus:
“I am a super geek when it comes to Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, well... most any fandom really. Oh, and I am a total gamer as well. I used to be work as a game localization tester for Konami's Metal Gear Solid 2. My name is in the booklet! If you can find it and bring it in, I will autograph it for you.”