Patricia Jimenez '09 Returns to Inspire Art Honor Students | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


Patricia Jimenez '09 Returns to Inspire Art Honor Students

SJND art department faculty Mr. McKee and Mr. Ritter invited alumna Patricia Jimenez '09 back to campus to speak with student artists at the school’s National Art Honor Society (NAHS) induction ceremony last month.

Patricia graduated with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design with a minor in Graphic Communication in Design from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She currently works for the GNU Group, an experiential graphic design firm in Walnut Creek. While at SJND, Patricia was lead designer and layout editor for the Reflections yearbook and the Kaleidoscope newspaper.

In her speech to students, Patricia discussed two main principals of her industry: Progressive Disclosure and the Non-Linear Journey. Referring to Progressive Disclosure, Patricia explained how before you get to “Point D” (an artist dream job, for instance), one must focus on the next immediate step in the journey, “Point B,” an education in the arts. She encouraged focusing on the fundamentals in college – drawing, color theory, art history, and introductions to software – as they will be the building blocks of art education and an art career.

She then spoke about the trait of Experiential Graphic Design, the “Non-Linear Journey.”

Just like your path from Point A to Point D, I can’t help you past Point B for this reason:  your journey is non-linear. Even when you get into college, and receive the same GE classes, and say you take the exact same schedule as your friend -- you might end up in completely different industries. This is why I stress fundamentals, because regardless of where you find yourself, the basics of light and shadow, hue and saturation, composition and hierarchy, will always come into play in the work you do.

That’s the wonderful thing about art— it is a vehicle anywhere, because everyone needs to express themselves.  If you love science as much as art, you will find a place. If you love making abstract patterns in the margins of your notebook, you will find a place. Trust that you will find your Point D, even though you’re only at Point A today. Just remember: You Are Here. Bask in it. You Are Here. Where you go next is up to you.