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Pilots Recognized in Local Art Contests

Haleigh Johnson '19 and Andy McKee, SJND’s Director of Integration and Technology, were both recognized in recent art contests sponsored by local organizations.

Haleigh Johnson '19

Haleigh won Health Through Art’s Biennial Call for Art contest, a contest that focuses on healing others and cultivating a positive society through art. Haleigh explains, “Due to a large amount of hate, negativity, stigma towards mental health and addictions, racism, and violence that is presented in our media, this contest uses art to spur others to be positive in their daily lives and give awareness of various issues.”

Haleigh’s artwork is a powerful image of two women hugging, one of which is wearing a hijab, with messages of support from a crowd underneath.

“The theme I chose for my artwork was ‘Choose Love’ because when people act with hate they create an unsafe space for the people around them while causing themselves to have a toxic mindset.” said Haleigh. “I chose to have [one woman] wearing a hijab because of the many hate crimes committed against Muslims due to fear and paranoia of terrorist groups.”

As the contest winner, Haleigh won $500 and will have her artwork featured on local billboards, bus benches, t-shirts, posters, social media and in AC Transit buses.

Annie Tran '18

Senior Annie Tran's double-portrait of her cousin was selected by judges as one of the top three artworks in the Congressional District Art Competition. For her award of Honorable Mention, she received a Congressional Certificate of Artistic Achievement and her art will be on display in Congresswoman Barbara Lee's Office from July through May of next year.

Andy McKee

Congrats to Mr. McKee who won this year’s 2019 Call for Art Award at the Frank Bette Center for the Arts’ Alameda on Camera event. The “Call for Art Award” means that his photography will be featured on all the 2019 marketing and publicity materials in addition to other prizes donated by Alameda businesses. He won for his photograph entitled, “Alameda Agave."

The “Alameda on Camera” exhibit runs through May 26. Read more about it here.