Secret Art Sale Supports Frank Bette Center for the Arts | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


Secret Art Sale Supports Frank Bette Center for the Arts

The Frank Bette Center for the Arts recently held its second annual Secret Art Sale at Alameda’s South Shore Center. 

This event sells original artwork for $20 and includes work from professional Bay Area artists as well as from K-12 Alameda schools. The names of the artists are all hidden to keep their identity a secret before their art is purchased. At the end of the exhibition, the “secret” is revealed when the art collectors discover whether they have invested in a valuable piece of art from a well-known artist or celebrity, or a masterpiece from a talented student artist. The proceeds from the student art are then returned to support the art programs in their schools of origin.

SJND decided to donate its proceeds back to the Frank Bette Center as a service learning project, and doubled its sales from last year for FBCA. The students valued the idea of using their artwork for a charitable cause supporting the arts in their community. This was noted in the reflections each student wrote to express their feelings about the project.

“I decided to paint a landscape in soft, cool tone watercolors. I thought that the simplicity of the idea would make the piece attractive to the eyes of a large audience. I thought this through carefully because being given the chance to do something I enjoy for a good cause is a rewarding experience. Making art to support charity makes the art piece itself more valuable to me.” – Annie Tran ’18

“Giving away a piece of art to raise money for something I support is important to me. It gives other young artists a chance to shine and develop artistic skills of their own.” – Ysel Ruvalcaba ’19