Senior Ben Wiley Travels to Washington, D.C. for Prestigious Journalism Conference | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


Senior Ben Wiley Travels to Washington, D.C. for Prestigious Journalism Conference

SJND senior Ben Wiley and fellow participants.

This past July, SJND senior Ben Wiley attended the 2017 Washington Journalism and Media Conference at George Mason University, joining a select group of students from all around the country who share an interest in journalism and media.

Chosen based on academic accomplishments and an intense interest in the field, Wiley and other National Correspondents participated in hands-on, experiential learning through decision-making simulations, paired with presentations from prominent journalists, CEOs, researchers and recent college grads.

“One of the highlights of WJMC for me, and something I will always remember, is the sheer amount of qualified people in the Journalism industry who took time out of their lives to come speak to us and share their advice for getting into and thriving in the Journalism industry,” Wiley wrote in his blog. “The speakers who I most enjoyed were Scott Jackson, who talked about how it took him a long while before he got his current job as a voice of the Redskins, and April Ryan. Ryan really intrigued me since I found it amazing to be listening to a journalist whose job allows her to get in the White House and interview Trump and members of his administration.”

Wiley also got to tour Washington D.C. during his trip, visiting the Newseum and various monuments. Additionally, he had the opportunity to meet East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee at the Capital.

“Overall, I want to thank Ms. Elena Johnson and my parents for giving me the opportunity to attend this once in a lifetime experience that I do not think I will ever forget. Because of what an amazing time I had at the program, I will certainly consider staying involved with the program in some way in the future.”

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