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SJND College Counselor Honored among “Counselors That Change Lives"

Update: East Bay Times: SJND college counselor honored by national organization


SJND’s College Counselor, Dr. Angelica Bailon, has been chosen by the Colleges That Change Lives membership and Board of Directors as one of the 2017 Counselors That Change Lives. This honor is given in recognition of her dedication to the college counseling profession and CTCL’s mission to promote and support a student-centered college search process.

In response to the award, Dr. Bailon said, “There is no greater joy as a college counselor to see students walk across the stage on graduation day, excited and ready for their future, and know that I was able to help them in some small way on their journey. To receive a national recognition for that work is an amazing testament to the strength of our student-centered program and the investment and engagement of our students and parents in it. I am beyond proud to be SJND's college counselor!”

Thank you for all that you do to help our students and families in the college search process, Dr. B!

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"Dr. Angelica Bailon goes above and beyond the call of duty for her students. Whether it’s combing through their personal statements or regularly checking in with past students who are attending college across the nation, Angelica is a personal life coach to each of them. Her philosophy is that if she doesn’t know her students well, it is difficult to help them find a supportive college environment. To this end, she meets regularly with families to demystify the many options available to them, both in- and out-of-state, and to help families understand the importance (and definition) of fit.

Angelica understands college is a time of maturity, self-exploration, and growing independence, and she recommends schools that will best help students succeed in these areas. One of her favorite things to do is bring back college-going students to SJND – not to discuss their major or how the food tastes, but to have them share how they have grown personally during their college education. This has a profound effect on SJND students as they begin to see that the college search process – indeed, their college education – is about them, and no one else.

Educating fellow teachers and administrators on how to talk to students about college satisfaction has been a priority for Angelica. As a result, her colleagues have become supportive mentors, and the college search process has become a shared responsibility of SJND."