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SJND to Launch Crowdfunding Campaign in Support of Kairos

"Kairos Cross" by Madison Halliday '15.

How has attending Kairos impacted your life?

For over 20 years, Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School seniors have had the opportunity to attend Kairos, a week-long retreat aiming to promote greater self-realization and to strengthen both personal relationships and your relationship with God. For many, Kairos has left a lasting impact on their high school experience and life afterwards.

On February 12, SJND launched the Kindness for Kairos crowdfunding campaign in support of the Kairos retreat. During this six-week campaign, SJND will ask former retreatants, parents and our entire SJND community to come together to give back to a program that has given profoundly to so many. Please consider contributing to the campaign and help pass on this important tradition to current and future Pilots.

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Last month, the Alumni Office had the opportunity to speak with former Kairos Leader Christian Camarillo ‘01 about his Kairos experience and why fellow alums should participate:

Alumni Office: What was your Kairos experience like?

Camarillo: My own Kairos experience was like an awakening. It felt very much like a transition from being a high school kid into an adult. It allowed me to examine my life and learn to appreciate all aspects of it.

AO: What did you learn about yourself at Kairos?

C: I learned that I had a lot to be appreciative of. There were lots of things that I overlooked in life and took for granted.

AO: What impact did Kairos have on your high school experience and life following high school

C: I did form great bonds and friendships with people I never really spoke with. Like I said, Kairos really was a spiritual transition into adulthood. It prepared me when making future connections with people.

AO: How do you 'Live the Fourth' today?

C: I continue to try to improve myself and learn everyday.

AO: What does the Kairos cross symbolize for you?

C: The cross is a symbol of the experience we all shared on Kairos. Seeing other people with the cross lets me know they have gone through the same discovery as I had.

AO: What would you tell your classmates and their parents about why they should donate to help support a current Pilot's Kairos experience?

C: Donating can help give future generations the same experiences that me and many other students have had. Kairos has become an intergalactic part of the SJND school experience.

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