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SJND Puts A Ring on It!

After having lost her class ring some 17 years ago, Carla Rae Nuesse '99 Arneson is celebrating its safe return

Alan, a local metal detector enthusiast, recently contacted the Alumni Office stating he found an SJND class ring at a park on Bay Farm Island. He told SJND that he had lost his own high school class ring and understands the significance. The discovered ring had the class year 1999 and the initials CRN engraved. After a quick search in the alumni database, our Director of Alumni Relations Vicki Bargagliotti was able to locate its owner, Carla Rae Nuesse '99 Arneson.

When Vicki reached out to Carla Rae and shared that the ring she lost almost 20 years ago had been found, Carla Rae was thrilled! “It was funny,” she said, “because four months earlier I was talking with my husband and told him I was thinking about contacting SJND to ask if I could buy a new class ring.” She recalled that she used to jog around the Shoreline Park on the west side of Bay Farm Island with a friend’s dog, so perhaps had lost it there.

Alan thoughtfully put the class ring in a ring box, delivered it to the schoool, and we sent it to Carla Rae in Washington. “I can't believe that it's in such good shape!” said Carla Rae.