SJND Student Art Showing at the Blue Dot Café | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


SJND Student Art Showing at the Blue Dot Café

Blue Dot SJND

The Blue Dot Café on Encinal Avenue in Alameda will host two showings of art from the SJND visual arts community. The first month features the fourth annual Advanced Art Student Show on display from January 30 through March 3. The second show will display artwork and photos that represent all levels of our visual arts program and will even include selected works from faculty and staff Pilots! This second exhibition will run from March 5 through April 1.

The exhibit is a great learning experience involving many hours of collaborative work by students to cut mats, make labels, hang artwork and design publications for this exciting event. It is a “trial run” of the type of path that they will take if they choose to pursue a profession in the visual arts. The students are guided by their Advanced Art Instructor and National Art Honors Society sponsor Mr. Mark Ritter and Digital Arts instructor and National Art Honors Society co-sponsor Mr. Andy McKee.

Thank you to James and Megan Hume, the owners of this popular neighborhood café and gallery, for providing SJND with this excellent space to publically display the fruits of our students’ creative efforts. Please take some time to visit the show and enjoy a tasty snack or beverage!