SJND Students Present at Global Climate Summit Event Attended by Al Gore | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


SJND Students Present at Global Climate Summit Event Attended by Al Gore

Three SJND students, Haleigh Johnson ’19, Diego Salgues ’20 and Gabriel Trevino ’19, under the direction of Environmental Science teacher Ms. Laura Diaz, presented at the Global Climate Summit affiliate event at the Coal +Ice Exhibit at Fort Mason in San Francisco on September 11.

In partnership with OnePlanet, a non-profit organization, the students participated in an inter-generational collaboration with sustainability professionals and scientists. Together, 10 high school students and 10 sustainability professionals drafted a charter addressing climate change and sustainability and presented the charter at the event.

“Working with the sustainability professionals, scientists, and other respective experts in their fields was a very valuable experience I will reflect on often in the future as I look to take action in my own community concerning sustainability,” explained Gabriel. “Each expert brought thoughtful ideas to the table, and really helped me to think critically during the experience. From working one-on-one to create fictional legislation, to working at stations where we, the students, could openly reflect on issues in our society, I learned a lot about myself and my fellow students.”

The event, held at the Coal + Ice exhibit (open September 9-23) which examined coal mining in rural areas and its effect on the population and glaciers, featured business leaders who presented models with solutions to environmental problems. Students also had the opportunity to hear from Al Gore, who spoke about climate change and progressive legislation driving California to the forefront of sustainability.

“Al Gore shared some very important points regarding legislation in relation to the world's resources, both at the moment and in the foreseeable future, 20 years ahead of us. He was very articulate and delivered a great speech,” said Diego.

Haleigh also had the opportunity to meet with Ugwem Eneyo, the co-founder and CEO of Solstice Energy Solutions, a start-up company specializing in leveraging Internet of Things, software and data-driven approaches to help African homes and small businesses find reliable, clean and cost-saving energy solutions.