STEAM Club Returns to Bay Area Maker Faire | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


STEAM Club Returns to Bay Area Maker Faire

SJND's STEAM Club returned this year to the Bay Area Maker Faire in San Mateo. The club presented their project - two original pinball machines - to hundreds of fellow inventors who tested and played them at the Faire. With the support of Michael Schiess from the Pacific Pinball Museum, students added scoring as a new pinball wiring skill, and created an entirely new pinball game called "Flipball." It's a two-person game, like air hockey, but with pinball flippers. It was a real hit!

STEAM students Maverick Lara, Rosie Compton, Andrew Tandoc, Giselle Fong, Haleigh Johnson, Sam Reynolds, Anthony Layson, and Christian Granados worked the SJND booth over the Friday-Sunday event, along with STEAM Club moderator Mr. McKee and Director of Student Activities Ms. Stein.

You can view the Facebook photo album of the students' building process, and the time-lapse video at Maker Faire:

The students were all very excited by the response to their work and the whole Faire experience. Many more exciting opportunities are on the horizon for our makers: the club has ideas to improve their machines, build new ones, and explore Virtual Reality, robotics, drones, and more in 2017-2018!