Zach Ramos ’19 Completes Eagle Scout Project to Protect Threatened Island Birds | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


Zach Ramos ’19 Completes Eagle Scout Project to Protect Threatened Island Birds

Zach Ramos '19 poses for a photos during his Eagle Scout project.

SJND student and Boy Scout from Troop 78 Zach Ramos ‘19 completed his Eagle Scout Project over the Christmas break, working with a wildlife biologist from the East Bay Regional Park District to support the Shorebird Sanctuary program. Supervising 20 people including fellow SJND students on December 29 and 30, they helped to create an island sanctuary for Western Snowy Plover Shorebirds in which the threatened animals would be able to nest with protection from predators.

To begin, he and others transported a mixture of shells and sand across the marsh using a boat and onto a small island in Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline. From there, it was spread in a two-inch thick layer over a portion of the island measuring 30x70 feet with a bio-berm of dirt and rocks around the perimeter to prevent erosion. Snowy Plover birds need very specific environments to nest in and the shell and sand mixture is perfect for the rare birds to lay their eggs in.

“I wanted to do this project because I knew it would be a major part of helping the environment and the Snowy Plover Birds,” said Ramos. “It was definitely a lot of work but in the end, it will really make a difference for these birds by establishing a safe habitat for them to nest in.”

Ramos has been involved with the Boy Scouts since elementary school and says he enjoys being involved with the scouts “because it offers so many opportunities to grow as a leader while also going camping, serving others, and learning important survival and life skills.”

Ramos would like to thank the East Bay Regional Park District, the wildlife biologist who mentored him, Mr. Dave Riensche, and everyone who came out to support his project.

Great work, Zach!