PilotCon Student Conference | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School

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PilotCon Student Conference

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

PilotCon is a high-energy conference for SJND students offering a dynamic workshop series which combines personal and professional development with reflection and goal-setting. This immersive environment will give students an accelerated start to success in life beyond high school by learning from and networking with professionals in a variety of industries. PilotCon will help Pilots ignite, innovate and integrate their passions into real world opportunities.

Open to all SJND students, including incoming freshmen and graduating seniors. Registration is $75 and includes lunch and four workshop sessions.

PilotCon Sessions and Presenters

What Your Online Presence is Saying, and Not Saying | Ayrton Cinco ’14

In a world where first impressions are made from quick internet searches instead of face to face conversations, Ayrton Cinco '14 will discuss the uses of social media (specifically the four most popular social media outlets – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat), the dangers of social media, the importance of privacy settings, and his job as a Social Media Investigator. You will learn if your profiles and posts are saying what you truly want them to say about you and your brand. Learn how to keep what needs to be private between you and your real friends and the impact it may make if you don’t.

Ayrton Cinco ’14 graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology. He strives to carry on the LMU mission of the service of faith and the promotion of justice. Ayrton currently works as a Social Media Investigator at a private investigation firm where he uses proficient knowledge of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn to investigate and confirm claimant profiles for fraudulent behavior through posted texts, pictures, and videos. He completes the cases by compiling the data and writing detailed reports of information gathered and confirmed on claimant social media profiles along with additional information found on the internet.

First Impressions: Dress for Success and Mastering the Interview | Alicia Dlugosh Trost '95 and Jon Gordon '96

Landing your first professional job or internship requires a combination of self confidence, preparedness, and passion for the mission. To get your foot in the door you have to get past the interview process. Regardless of the industry, first impressions are everything - starting with how you present yourself and what you wear. This session, led by Alicia Dlugosh Trost '95 and Jon Gordon '96, will review appropriate work attire, what to expect during an interview, how to prepare in advance, and tips on handling unexpected and tough questions. Between the two of them, Alicia and Jon have hired candidates in a myriad of different settings, from traditional corporate environments, to nonprofits, to the casual environment of startups. They have seen it all and are uniquely positioned to give insights into what works and, more importantly what doesn’t work in several different types of interviews. They will give you the game plan and the checklist needed to master the interview and your professional life beyond high school.

Alicia Dlugosh Trost '95 currently serves as the Chief Spokesperson at BART and is also in charge of media relations, communications, and social media. Previously, she worked as the Director of Communications in the State Capitol for two Senate Presidents. Alicia began her 20-year career in communications working at KTVU where she climb the career ladder from intern to producer of the top rated morning newscast in the Bay Area, "Mornings on Two." She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Mass Communications.

Jon Gordon ’96 was a professional athlete and when his playing days ended, he made a career out of dissecting what makes teams and individuals thrive. He has led programs and workshops for over 100,000 people around the world. Clients include professional athletes, universities, nonprofits, startups, and Nike. Previously Jon was featured on a television program in the Netherlands called Over de Streep for six years. Currently he is the Co-Founder of The Piece Project which specializes in creating programs for universities and corporations.

Me, Incorporated | Sandra Molnar

It is so powerful to have a clear picture of how money can work for you and against you. Money cannot buy you happiness, but in this workshop you can learn that money can buy you choices. Your life is like running your own business for “Me, Incorporated." It is important you understand what it takes to make your business successful. The earlier you can get educated in various life specialties, the more time you have to make choices.  That is the focus of this session, led by Sandra Molnar - some money education that can be used now to pay off in your life-long business of Me, Inc.!

Sandra Molnar is a California native and graduated from California State University, East Bay with an Accounting degree after attending ten years of night classes. The upside of this college plan was zero debt. She has always worked in accounting and finance, and this has rewarded her with the opportunity to work in diverse industries, including for a hospital, and alarm company, a shipping company, and insurance services. She is currently in her 14th year working as the Managing Director of the Finance Department at a local Oakland company, the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California.

Networking: The Art of Small Talk | Rich Park

Making digital contacts on LinkedIn is easy, getting somebody to remember you in person is hard. Learning how to build personal connections is how you can leverage your network for future success. This session, led by Rich Park, will equip you with tips and tricks on how to make your first social contact a memorable one. Rich truly believes that you work better with people you connect with and will give you some pointers on how to try and leave every contact with a lasting impression.

Rich Park currently works at Zendesk where he oversees the Corporate Finance team. Prior to that, he held various finance roles at Jefferies, Alvarez and Marsal, BlackRock, Pandora and Wells Fargo. Rich received his degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.

When You Bend A Paperclip | Danielle Pomeroy '13

The more you bend a paperclip, the more you can get out of life. In this session, Danielle Pomeroy '13 will discuss how identifying character strengths within life lessons reveals strategies that achieve significance beyond success in anything you do.

Leadinsweat | Danielle Pomeroy '13

Where leadership meets your next sweat sesh. In this session, led by Danielle Pomeroy '13, we will link our mental muscles with our physical muscles. By strengthening both together we can create a sustained strategy that accelerates our ability in becoming greater game-changers, boundary-breakers, tomorrow-takers, and difference-makers.

Leadership Driven. Life Performer. Daily Vacationer. Designer of the interiors of buildings and the interiors of people. As a go-getter and driven entrepreneur, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Danielle Pomeroy '13 aims to incorporate leadership in the ways she designs experiences, whether that is within the world of Interior Architecture, Group Fitness, or Life Coaching. Understanding people is the foundation of any opportunity she takes on. The stories our experiences can tell excites her most and has the power of lasting influence. From there, the act of experience-making motivates people to respond differently depending on their present needs. Let them feel. Let them try. Let them explore. Let them be free. Her vision leads the mindset that "their belief makes them willing to take action to achieve it.” There is nothing we cannot do and there is no one we cannot be. It is within the experiences she creates, where we have conversations around that belief. In doing so, empowering opportunities people want to repeat and share.