Parent Student Login

Don't have a Schoology account? Follow our directions below and learn more ways to utilize this resource. 

Create your Schoology Account

Before you can create your Schoology account, check your email for a message from with login information including your student's access code.  If you can't find the email, you can contact Andy McKee to get your student's access code. 
Sign up at

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Add a second student

If you have more than one student at SJND, you can add them after you join with the first. Click on the name in the upper right, then choose to "Add a child" using their access code.  

Add a child

Join the Parent/Guardian Resources Course

In Schoology you can see all your student's courses, but you can join a course too.  Switch from your student view to your personal view.  Then click Courses and then the "Join a course" button.  Use the access code "VDRN-85VN-WM99X" to join the Parent/Guardian Resources course.


Join a course