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Keeping Students Connected with Pilot Pods!

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SJND Student Life is excited to announce a brand new program for the 2020-2021 school year called Pilot Pods!  A Pilot Pod is a student-led, small group, peer support system which brings students together in community, prayer and student engagement. Each SJND student has been placed in a small group which is facilitated by a student leader.


Pilot Pods will 

  1. Give students an opportunity to connect with each other 
  2. Provide students with an opportunity to lead through small group facilitation 
  3. Allow students the opportunity to experience something similar to “retreat and homeroom”
  4. Serve as part of the Social, Emotional and Mental education of our community


Pilot Pods will meet for the first time on Tuesday, Sept 1.

Each week students will meet either during Student Life Flex or at lunch to get connected, get spirited and get real.

Get Connected: Community Development
Students will lead their small group through the Character Strong advisory curriculum to help the small groups bond and share in community and personal growth. Students will discuss topics around: Team Building, The Character Dare Process, creating a To Be List, discussing what gets in the way and How Emotions Work.  

Get Spirited: Student Engagement
Students will spend time engaging with each other in discussion and planned activities. They will discuss how they are staying connected with each other, what activities and challenges are coming up, and will spend time reviewing the Bribery program to encourage students to stay motivated. Student leaders will also use this time to plan fun activities for their small group based on personal interests like puzzles, baking, gaming, sports, etc. 

Get REAL!: Faith and Friendship
Students will create deeper relationships with friends, ourselves, our Creator, and our neighbors, while getting real, having some fun, and supporting ourselves and each other.  Students will also have the opportunity to learn contemplative prayer forms, explore the Gospel in creative ways, and reflect on the daily rituals that help keep us going. 

Student leaders will be emailing their small groups this weekend, but you can click on the link below to see the Pilot Pod groupings. email with any questions

Click here to find out which Pilot Pod you belong in!