A Guide to Social & Emotional Health during Distance Learning [Downloadable] | Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School


A Guide to Social & Emotional Health during Distance Learning [Downloadable]

social emotional and mental health for students doing distance learning

A Guide from our Covid-19 Operational Task Force Subcomittee on Social, Emotional, and Mental Health 

Students are experiencing high levels of stress due to the pandemic and our nation’s fight for social justice. With all of this happening, students are stuck at home isolated from family, friends, their school communities, and their teachers. Students whose families are experiencing financial stress are especially vulnerable. Now more than ever, a child's academic success and social emotional learning is dependent on a strong partnership between teachers, parents and family members.

As parents are the most important teachers, we have gathered some information and compiled a list of resources to help you support your child emotionally and academically. This guide provides suggestions parents can consider in hopes these actions will become second nature and make a difference in your child’s wellness.

Learning is not supported unless and until physical and psychological safety are ensured. Your primary responsibility is to ensure that your child is safe and healthy, only after this can successful learning and growth occur. We are here to help. In this guide we have compiled some tips to help you help your child.