Summer Academics

Summer Remediation

For returning students

Online Summer Remediation 2017: SJND offers summer remediation on campus through online course providers in a supervised learning environment for students required to remediate grades in order to move to the next course in the sequence, receive graduation units, and/or remain eligible for college admissions. Students have the option to work with academic content tutors and receive personalized attention and course management from the Summer Academics Coordinator and staff.

Remedial Biology (Fall and Spring): For students who need to remediate the Fall and/or Spring semesters of Biology.

Summer Accelerated Honors Geometry

For incoming 9th graders and returning students

This course is available to students who qualify for Honors Geometry, who are interested in taking the course over 6 weeks in the summer to be able to take Honors Algebra 2/Trig during the 2017-2018 school year. Learn more and register below:

Algebra Readiness Camp

For incoming 9th graders

In the Algebra Readiness Camp, students will improve their division, multiplication, addition and subtraction skills working with whole numbers, decimals and fractions to prepare for high school math. In this course, students strengthen their quantitative foundation, critical thinking and problem solving skills while boosting their confidence and readiness to start the new year. This camp is strongly recommended for incoming 9th graders who were placed in Algebra 1.

Science Readiness Camp

For incoming 9th graders

In the Science Readiness Camp, students strengthen their laboratory, basic mathematics and study skills. They learn how to make quantitative and qualitative observations while using the scientific method to explore real-world phenomena. This camp is highly recommended for incoming 9th graders who were placed in Biology.

Summer Writing Workshop

For incoming 9th graders

In this Summer Writing Workshop, students will develop the skills necessary to be critical readers and competent writers. Students will learn how to develop strong thesis statements, introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs. Students will learn to self-assess their writing, to set goals for themselves, and to work with deliberateness to improve their writing.