Tuition and Assistance


The cost of an SJND education includes tuition, technology and activity fees, and Fund for SJND contributions. Below is an estimate of costs a family can expect in one year at SJND.

2017-18 Tuition, Fees and Parent Annual Fund Contribution

Tuition $17,960
Registration, Grades 9-11 $800
Fund for SJND, Parent pledge* $1,500

*Parents pledge approximately $1500 per child per year to our Fund for SJND. These tax-deductible gifts make possible many aspects of an SJND education like our spiritual retreat program, science lab equipment, college counseling program and much more. Parent participation in the Fund for SJND is an expectation. Families who qualify for financial aid are asked to give what they can. Families with financial capacity are encouraged to join our Pilots Club, Sustaining Members, or Founding Members societies ($2500 and above).

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance Deadline: February 2, 2018

It is our Catholic mission to make this transformative Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School education available to as many students and families as possible. SJND’s Tuition Assistance Program helps to make an SJND education affordable to many families. Applications and awards are made annually and are determined by reviewing each family’s total resources, coupled with the amount of funds available. Funding for this program is provided through the generosity of parents, alumni, students, and friends of SJND.

How to Apply: All families who would like to be considered for tuition assistance must complete and return the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment form. FACTS is an outside agency that SJND uses to process the information provided by families. Submitting the form will allow families to be considered for both the SJND Tuition Assistance Program as well as the FACE (Family Aid to Catholic Education) Program, a Diocesan tuition assistance program. It is important to submit financial aid applications on time, as there are budgetary limits to the available funds.

Please note that all families, including those families who are currently getting aid will need to reapply each year. Please resubmit your FACTS and tax information into FACTS each year by the deadline.

Submitting Applications: All families who would like to be considered for tuition assistance must complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Form, or the FACTS in Spanish, where you will attach your most recent tax return by February 2, 2018. Do not send any documents to SJND directly as all information should be completed online via FACTS.

Please contact Kris Venturini, with any questions at (510) 995-9417 or

SJND Scholarships

Freshman applicants to Saint Joseph Notre Dame may also be considered for one of several scholarships offered each year. These scholarships award grants over the course of four years to students who demonstrate strong character and extraordinary academic promise through their schoolwork and HSPT scores.

Presidential Scholarship: $12,000 ($3,000 per annual award).
This $12,000 scholarship is the premier merit scholarship offered to incoming freshmen. It is presented to students who are leaders in their elementary schools with superior academic achievement, a commitment to service and admirable character qualities. The Presidential Scholarship program enables us to recognize students who will come to SJND and play a leadership role in our community. Students who qualify for the Presidential Scholarship will be invited to apply in February. Applicant has to have scored 80% or higher on the HSPT and have a middle school GPA of 3.5 or above. 

Principal's Award: $6,000 ($1,500 per annual award).
This $6,000 scholarship is presented to a student who demonstrates outstanding academic achievement. Principal Scholars have demonstrated at their elementary schools that they are engaged, creative and collaborative learners who have a high potential to thrive at SJND. The Principal has determined that our student body will benefit greatly from the academic contributions of our Principal Scholars. No application needed. Selection made by the principal based on information provided in enrollment application.

Students enrolled during their sophomore through senior years are also eligible to receive scholarship awards from the school’s Endowment Fund. These scholarships recognize students’ achievements in overall academic achievement, the sciences and athletics. Students who receive these awards are nominated by their teachers and selected by various scholarship committees.

Partner Scholarship Programs

SJND works with the following scholarship programs: Bay Scholars and Achieve. Please look at the requirements and application process for each opportunity.

SJND is aware of several community organizations such as the Rotarians, the Elks Club, the Italian Catholic Federation, the Guardsmen Scholarship Program, and local churches who offer scholarships to SJND students. We encourage all families to seek out those opportunities to support their SJND education. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for tuition assistance?
All families are eligible to apply, since many different situations are considered. Decisions for financial aid and admissions are made separately. However, a completed admissions application must be on file in the Admissions Office in order for your child to be considered for financial aid.

How does the school determine a family’s eligibility for tuition assistance?
A family’s qualified need is determined by a complex formula that considers a broad range of financial factors. There is no maximum or minimum family income limits that affect eligibility. We look at family income as well as other factors affecting a family’s ability to pay. Grants range in amount from $1,000 - $10,000 depending on families financial circumstances and the school’s available resources.

Who determines the amount of assistance each family receives?
The SJND Tuition Assistance Committee reviews all applications and determines the amount of assistance to be provided to each family based on available resources and each family’s financial need.

Does SJND give out scholarships based on academic merit?
The SJND Presidential Scholarship and Principal Scholarship is awarded to a number of incoming ninth-grade students who demonstrate leadership, service and scholarship. Eligible students are contacted during the admissions process. We have a few academic merit scholarship that are awarded to rising sophomores, juniors and seniors with the highest marks in science and math. 

What other types of assistance is available?
FACTS forwards every tuition assistance application to Family Assistance for Catholic Education (FACE). FACE is a program funded and administered by the Diocese of Oakland. The awards are determined by FACE and communicated to SJND. When an SJND family is given their tuition assistance award amount the FACE grant is included in that amount.

How do I apply for FACE?
FACTS will forward your application information to FACE. There is no need to apply separately.

If I applied for and received assistance last year, do I have to apply again this year?
Yes. Each family must apply every year in order to receive tuition assistance. Returning families who have significantly different economic circumstances this year may receive more or less assistance than they received last year.

What if my taxes are not completed by the application deadline?
In order to facilitate the application process, we encourage you to get your taxes done early to meet the deadlines. However, the school will accept the Federal Income Tax return(s) from the previous year if they are accompanied by W-2 forms from the most recent year.